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As far as I noticed, in, the _make_spec_file() method generates an .spec file for RPM build and attaches the install script to " install -O1 --root=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT --record=INSTALLED_FILES".

Later, the .spec refers to the record file as the one which contains all necessary files to build the RPM package with the directive "%files -f INSTALLED_FILES". If any path contains an space character, it will triggers an error.

I could fix this problem by attaching to the installation a small sed script that appends double quotes to the beginning and the end of each line of INSTALLED_FILES. I'm not sure whether this is allowed though. Any ideas how to make this more Pythonic without using sed?

Apparently, it works since the test passed. However, there is an warning which I have no idea what it means: "unknown, 0: Warning: using regular magic file `/etc/magic'".

I attached the diff file with the changes so far.
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