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Thanks Brian, let’s try and get this fixed.

> I've put together a patch adding the test requested. There is no problem on
> my Ubuntu machine with python 3.3.

Are you saying the test does not reproduce the bug discussed here?

> There is a comment in the file saying Don't load the xx module more than
> once, I am unsure whether my patch (using a renamed c file) violates this?

Hm I’m not quite sure if it’s enough that the extensions use different file names, or if they should also have different names inside the code.  Existing tests already create and import xx multiple times though…

> One can create a python file "my" and can import it with
> __import__("my file"). I couldn't do the same for a C extension.

One can’t do “import my file” though, so I would sweep this under the rug as an obscure corner case :‑)
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