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Date 2014-02-25.15:20:40
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On 25.02.2014 15:29, Felipe Sateler wrote:
> I'm sorry but I definitely don't have time or knowledge about python
> to propose a patch (simply removing pyconfig.h clearly doesn't work).
> As to the question, please clarify. I have a python module, which
> includes Python.h, which includes pyconfig.h. I don't include Python.h
> everywhere. My build system does use several HAVE_* macros. It seems
> as if no breakage has occurred, but this is not guaranteed. And I
> shouldn't need to tiptoe around other libraries feature test macros,
> especially when they infringe on the global namespace.

Those HAVE_* macros are mostly standard autoconf macros, which you'll
find in lots of libraries, not just Python.

You can use them in your Python module as well, and of course,
add more autoconf macros as needed using a separate .h file.

C doesn't have namespaces like C++ does, so the only possible change
would be to prefix all of those macros with "PY_". Since this is the
first time I've ever heard anyone complain about those macros,
I doubt that this is a general problem. People are usually happy
with building on the autoconf tests we already have in Python.
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