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Author xdegaye
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Date 2014-02-25.11:02:33
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After the pdb 'continue' command, the signal module owns a reference to Pdb.sigint_handler. On the next instantiation of pdb, the signal module owns a reference to a new sigint_handler method that owns a reference to the previous sigint_handler. As a consequence, the first pdb instance is never freed (as well as the frames that are referenced by this pdb instance). The following test demonstrates the problem that is fixed by the attached patch.

Run the following script:

# START of
import sys, gc, pdb

i = 1
while i:
    x = 1
    gc.collect(); print(sys.gettotalrefcount())

# END of

With the following pdb commands:

$ python
> /tmp/test/<module>()
-> x = 1
(Pdb) continue
> /home/xavier/tmp/test/<module>()
-> pdb.set_trace()
(Pdb) continue
> /tmp/test/<module>()
-> x = 1
(Pdb) continue
> /tmp/test/<module>()
-> pdb.set_trace()
(Pdb) i = 0
(Pdb) continue
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