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As soon as the trunk opens again, I'll add Nick's version to the itertools  recipes section.  

I'm disinclined to add it directly to the itertools module as a native C function for several reasons:

* The problem solved isn't that common (very little of code I've ever written or seen would be better-off if this function had been available).   The OP's regex use case was shown by Martin to be better written as an explicit for-loop.  I think this is probably also true in the general case.

* The module unity is about creating iterators.  Consumers of iterators such as any(), all(), next(), sum(), min(), max() and others all lie elsewhere. 

* For-loops are likely to be the one obvious way to do it for other variants such first_false(), first_true_raise_exception_if_not_found(),
 or first_greater_than_limit(), etc.

* For the most part, the functional style of itertool composition has been a win for performance, but not for readabilty.  Also, users of the module seem to suffer from having-too-many-choices.  Accordingly, I only want to grow the module for cases where there is a clear win.

I would have pronounced on this one sooner but was stayed by the enthusiasm of the participants in this thread.

David said, "now I have a place in the non-test email code where using this would lead to easier-to-read code".   IMO, this is telling.  The bar is higher than "I would have used this one time".  That doesn't make it worth having to learn and remember.
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