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Author vstinner
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Date 2014-02-12.09:46:04
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I don't think that "#ifdef MS_WINDOWS" is very useful, you can drop it. So get something simpler:

/* Portable macro for wcstok(): on Windows, it is not thread-safe, the state
 * argument is ignored, except if Visual Studio is used. */
#ifdef _MSC_VER
#  define Py_WCSTOK(str, tok, state)  wcstok_s(str, tok, state)
#elif defined(MS_WINDOWS) && !defined(__WATCOMC__)
#  define Py_WCSTOK(str, tok, state)  wcstok(str, tok)
#  define Py_WCSTOK(str, tok, state)  wcstok(str, tok, state)

But I don't like "#elif defined(MS_WINDOWS) && !defined(__WATCOMC__)": what are the other compilers on Windows which provide wcstok() with 2 parameters?
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