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Author Jeffrey.Armstrong
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Date 2014-02-12.01:03:32
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Based on the comments thus far, I've gone ahead with another version of this patch.  Py_WCSTOK is now defined regardless of OS.  For Windows, it chooses between MSVC's wcstok_s, Open Watcom's wcstok, and MinGW's/misc's two-argument wcstok.  If the platform isn't Windows, it defaults to the POSIX-like three-argument wcstok (same as Open Watcom's, actually).

The wcstok functionality is really only used in three places: PC/getpathp.c, Modules/getpath.c, and Modules/main.c.  This patch changes the calls to Py_WCSTOK in all cases.

I appreciate the consideration and input this patch is receiving.
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