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Oh, I agree that refactoring is too late for Python 3.4. Anyway, I thought that the two modules had just duplicated code, but in fact they also have a different API. So it's not so easy to merge them. It would probably be easier if asyncio and multiprocessing use the same module.

> Is overlapped_dealloc-2.patch fixing something important?

overlapped_dealloc.patch was just the same change from _winapi to _overlapped to fix #19565.

Richard fixed #19565, not me.

Martin asked me to change overlapped_dealloc.patch but I'm not sure that I understood his request, that why I asked for a review of  overlapped_dealloc-2.patch.

I don't know if it's important to fix #19565 in the _overlapped module. _winapi has a test of overlapped operations still running at Python exit, but _overlapped doesn't have such test yet. With asyncio is may become more likely to exit with pending overlapped operations.
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