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Martin> Larry, I think this will happen (Victor, correct me if I'm wrong):

Sorry but I didn't write this code and I'm not sure that I understand it. It's just surprising that a bug was fixed in one file but not the other one, and if I remember correctly, the patch fixed a crash.

Larry> a) Is at least one of these Overlapped objects new in 3.4?

The _overlapped module is new and was written for asyncio. It adds new features for sockets.

Larry> b) Which of these Overlapped objects is used by asyncio?

asyncio uses _overlapped, multiprocessing uses _winapi.

Larry> c) Is the goal of merging the two objects simple code hygiene, or is the merged object going to work better somehow?

I proposed to merge the code to reduce the number of lines and make the maintenance simpler. For example, a bug was recently fixed in a module but not in the other one.

Antoine> I think this is all much too late for 3.4.

I didn't propose to merge duplicated code in Python 3.4 but 3.5. Antoine, just to be sure, are you talking about merging duplicated code or applying  overlapped_dealloc-2.patch on Python 3.4?
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