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Date 2014-02-11.14:14:16
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Yeah. I first thought "Hey, I could just change the file names in the patch and apply it", but then when it failed, I went looking, found the wrong piece of code, and thought it was completely different. Turned out to be not so different after all :) So now you have a Python 3 patch here as well as a Python 2 one; and if you're actively playing with Py2, you might find that you can apply the Py3 one to 2.7.

I suspect, though, that this will be called a feature addition, ergo it won't go into 2.7 (and for 3.x, will be deferred until 3.5). I would advise working with the current 3.x branch, as that's your best bet for acceptance; backporting to 2.7 can come later, if it's accepted for that.
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