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Date 2014-02-09.17:31:08
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Please do; the devguide says which format is preferred. While you are at it, please
1. write it against 3.3, leaving a 2.7 backport for last;
2. just add the new stuff, leaving format-paragraph changes for a separate patch;
3. consider the format points I raised with #20569 (if you disagree, let's discuss)
a. 'import tkinter as tk'
b. a new test file
c. shorter, lowercase title, such as '', or...
d. is a new file really needed? or add to what is now called

I am ready to do this. While it is too late for 3.3.4 and 3.4.0 (rc1) due out today, I would like to have this in and tested in use for subsequent releases after that (2.7.7, the final 3.3.5, 3.4.1, and of course, 3.5.0).

While reviewing #20569 I realized that having an easy way to enable/disable extensions would lower the bar for adding new ones. The fact that some people would not want something present would not prevent having it available to others. (This point is true even if a clipboard history or snippets list could not be added as an extension.)

A current 'Future of Python' thread on idle-sig reminded me that multiple people would like 1 or more of the tested idlex extensions added. This dialog would make additions easier by making their use easier. That thread also suggested that Idle needs more 'excitement', which means some new features. Tests and bug fixes, though important, tend to be boring to most people. So I have adjusted my priorities a bit.
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