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Author larry
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Date 2014-02-06.14:08:54
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Following a new discussion of the format of the text signature, I decided to go with this:

See here for the discussion:

Patch attached implementing this approach.  Can I get a review?  I want this in before tagging for rc1 on Saturday.

Other changes:

* now generates the "/" marker in sigantures to denote
  positional-only parameters.

* --make is a lot faster; it prescans the file for any
  clinic block signatures, and if it doesn't see any it skips the file.

* When generating the docstring for a function with optional groups,
  the signature generated is not intended to be machine-readable.
  So it omits the "$", the "/", and the "--" markers.  (See
  Modules/_cursesmodule.c for the one and only example.)
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