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Date 2014-02-05.15:25:52
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Here is the patch addressing Zachary's review (Thanks!). There are some Zachary's suggestions that I could not implement:

1. float_conjugate_impl,            /* nb_float */
I think this should still be the real function (the parser), not the impl.  The
impl function is really just an implementation detail.

It has to be that way. If I change it to float_conjugate, the compiler will complain. But on other places, we can use the real function.

2. v = list_sort_impl((PyListObject *)v, Py_None, 0);
Considering what I said about not using impl functions at the end of
floatobject.c, it would be nice to avoid it here, but I think that would be a
lot more trouble than it would be worth.

I can not use the real function here, otherwise the compiler will throw error.
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