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Date 2014-02-05.01:00:26
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(Because of PEP 434, this could be added to all current versions if and when it is added. Marking for 3.5 is enough for now.)

I am not yet very familiar with either extensions or configuration.

> many extensions have parameters, but setting them can only be done by editing a file

If this is true of existing extensions (and I don't even know which features are 'extensions), then this patch would be useful now. Otherwise, it could wait until new extensions are included.

As I understand the patch so far, it creates a generic tab from a section of a configuration file. Would 3rd party extensions add such a section? Or do we really need a mechanism for extension files to define a tab for the extension. (This would also enable custom placements of fields.)

I personally have no need to disable extensions, but if there were another 10 or 20, I can imagine a class instructor would like a way to easily simplify the interface, or to make a custom extension easier to work with.

> the documentation for such parameters is hard to find (when it exists)

I recently disabled the useless help button on the configuration dialog. I think what is needed is a tab-specific help text. That would work especially well for extension-specific tabs, but we would need a mechanism to get help text from an extension file.
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