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Date 2014-02-02.22:33:23
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> > Once again: a slight early wakeup isn't an issue
> That's your opinion, but I disagree.
> Please open a new issue with a patch, or reopen at least this issue because it is now closed.
> I already spent to much time on this issue. Buildbots are now happy, I don't want to change this again.

So, to sum up:
- you write a fragile and unelegant patch without a good reason
- you commit it without review
- you're asked several times to provide an example of the problems your patch is supposed to solve, but don't give any
- you don't take into account the fact that all proven and successful event loops work just fine without a similar patch
- you insist, and won't neither back your claims by examples, nor revert your patch

Fine, keep it this way, but I'm done with this, I've lost enough time.
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