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Date 2014-01-29.23:16:53
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Martin: is the medium 'python logo on white page' icon used in the Start menu in the repository or otherwise accessible? If not, could you upload it?

I closed #15869 in favor of #1353344.

Tk does not load .ico files (I tried). idle.gif is 16x16 because pc/py.ico is. That seems to be the standard default size for file lists, menus, including context menus, and title bars. On the other hand, I have my system set for larger type and gui objects, so I am better off with 24x24 or downscaled 32x32 icons. (So python_32x32 looks better than the 16x16 version.)

I would like to use an 'idle' icon for Idle windows rather than the generic Python icon. I just noticed that there is a smaller 'white page with python logo' used for the Idle entry in the start menu#. It is not just a scaled-down version of the large white-page icon used on the taskbar. It is different from and better than py.ico. I think this is what we should use as menu and title bar icons are usually the same.

* The same icon is also used for the 'Module docs' entry, which is supposed to be bring up a tkinter window running a pydoc script (it does in 2.7).
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