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Date 2014-01-28.21:03:45
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Using 'review' with pathlib.readwrite4.patch, it looks like it only modifies one file (, which can't be right. Maybe you edited the patch directly instead of generating a new one? (also, the line-counts haven't changed and I think they were suppose to.)

The python-dev guide may help you to move forward with this, and any future ideas. I definitely have a lot to learn myself, but I do know that the less leg-work core-devs have to do, the easier it is to make a contribution. 

Python dev-guide:

Here is the 'exclusive' feature with some tests, it raises TypeError when 'append' and 'exclusive' are used at the same time (mismatched args/kwargs usually raise TypeError in python from what I can tell).

It's still missing the Doc changes, and probably more stuff that I don't know about yet. 

As usual, all tests pass including the python test-suite, and `make patchcheck` removed some whitespace for me.
-Chris (cjwelborn)
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