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Date 2014-01-28.01:01:57
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There are two icon issues. First is the window icon at the left of the title bar of Idle windows. By the name 'wm_iconphote', I presume this is what this issue is about. Until recently, it *was* the red 'Tk' that is generally used for Tk windows. It is slightly different from idlelib/Icons/tk.gif so it must be in the tk code.

For 3.4.0, since the change to tcl/tk 8.6, there are two changes. First the Tk icon is changed to a nearly vertical blue feather. Second, when displayed on the window title bar (as opposed to the Windows taskbar popup listing application windows), it is no longer displayed on the title bar directly but is placed in a square brown background with a white outline. It is atrociously ugly. The same is used for other Tk windows. (On the Windows taskbar popup window listing app windows, only the feather itself appears on the overall light blue background.)

So I agree that we need to explicitly set the window title bar icon.  I tried the snake (python.gif) and like it better than the feather. It appears on a black square with no outline. Unlike the feather, the same is true on the taskbar popup. Perhaps the background is created by Windows after analyzing the colors in the icon. Visually, it is not much better than the red Tk, but I definitely think we should have a consistent Idle icon.

That particular snake is not the current Python logo and it is not Idle specific. Most apps (on Windows at least) use a miniture version of the app icon for the title bar icon. PC/py.ico is close to the Idle icon (see below) but is suffers when converted to py.gif (which I will attach in another message). The attached idle.gif is a cleaned up version of py.gif. It might be tweaked slightly. Or it might be redrawn from the console title bar icon, but I did not find the latter in the repository. In any case, I think we should add an idle.gif and use it in all versions. Otherwise, the patch looks good.

(The other .gifs are used in TreeWidget. Idle.icns is an Apple icon collection format, though I do not know if it is actually used.)

The other icon issue is the desktop and (on Windows at least) taskbar icon. Currently, when I first install Idle with the Windows installer, it uses the black console icon with Python icon in the lower right. After rebooting, it switches to a white spiral binder page with Python logo on the lower right. This seems to be specific to Idle and is appropriate as it represent the white Idle shell versus the black console. Once upon a time, Idle used this 'idle icon' when first installed, but something changed a few versions ago. There is another issue about this regression on the tracker.
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