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Date 2014-01-27.07:35:31
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Assigning to myself to make it clear that bltinmodule is the only part of this still under consideration for 3.4.

The test_pydoc and test_gdb failures pointed to real issues with the previous patch:

- the pydoc errors themselves were incidental, indicating that I had added doctests to chr and ord. However, those new doctests used a Unicode character in a C string, which seems like a recipe for portability trouble. I took those doctests out again, and updated the prose docs instead. I like my obscure multilingual Monty Python reference and would like to keep it now I thought of it :)

- the gdb error suggests that gdb is relying on being able to find builtin_id based on its exact signature, including the parameter names. Rather than trying to figure out the full details of that, I've instead partially reverted its conversion to Argument Clinic by disabling the input block and restoring the old parameter names in the function signature. We can change it back to full conversion for 3.5, after AC has the ability to use different names in the Python signature and in the C implementation function.

This does mean we'll want to update the signature by hand once you merge the patch changing the indicators that argument clinic is looking for.
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