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Date 2014-01-25.15:12:32
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More comprehensive patch uploaded - all the non-type callables implemented in bltinmodule.c have been converted or classified with a reason for not being converted yet (see the new test in for details, as well as the AC 3.4 and AC 3.5 comments in the module itself).

I also cleaned up the docstrings for the builtins I actually changed in the patch. There were a few that had never been properly updated for the Py3k transition.

There are still a couple of test failures with this version - the doctest tests get confused by the fact ord and chr now have a doctest in their docstrings, and test_gdb is definitely not in a happy place (that has always been temperamental, though).

I also just realised the Unicode character in the new ord and chr docstrings could pose a compatibility problem at the C compiler source encoding level, so we may have to reconsider that (even though I was rather happy to sneak that obscure Monty Python reference in there).
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