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Date 2014-01-25.10:17:31
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Thank you Nadeem. In committed patch fixed the docstring for
BZ2Compressor.__init__, and renamed module name "bz2" in clinic declaration is renamed to "_bz2".

Here is updated patch for the _lzma module which addresses Nadeem's comment and renames the "lzma" module name to "_lzma".

Unfortunately this patch is incompatible with current Argument Clinic because it uses "unspecified" default value. Default value of the "check" parameter in LZMACompressor.__init__ depends on the value of other parameter.

"""For FORMAT_XZ, the default is CHECK_CRC64.  FORMAT_ALONE and FORMAT_RAW do not suport integrity checks; for these formats, check must be omitted, or be CHECK_NONE."""
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