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Author taleinat
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Date 2014-01-21.20:30:42
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Attached patch for AC conversion of Objects/bytesobject.c and Objects/bytearrayobject.c.

This is one patch because there are changes that must be done in bytes_methods.h and bytes_methods.c that affect both of bytesobject.c and bytearrayobject.c. Those changes are in this patch as well.

All methods were converted except for two groups:

1) the various find methods which use the common argument parsing function 'stringlib_parse_args_finds_byte'
2) 'new' and 'init' methods

Also note that both of these classes use some common function implementations found under 'stringlib'. However, since that code is in separate files, I'll upload the conversion patches to the relevant issue (and write an appropriate comment here).
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