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Author serhiy.storchaka
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Date 2014-01-16.09:29:17
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Excellent! I'm rewriting the zlib module and the code becomes much cleaner with this patch.

There is one problem left -- Py_buffer doesn't support default value at all.

Such code

/*[clinic input]
    zdict: Py_buffer = unspecified
[clinic start generated code]*/

produces error:

When you specify a named constant ('unspecified') as your default value,
you MUST specify a valid c_default.

But this code

/*[clinic input]
    zdict: Py_buffer(c_default="{NULL, NULL}") = unspecified
[clinic start generated code]*/

produces error too:

The only legal default value for Py_buffer is None.

And specifying c_default=None returns first error.
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