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Author larry
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Date 2014-01-15.20:24:43
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The code in Modules/_sqlite/connection.c is sloppy.

The functions pysqlite_connection_execute, pysqlite_connection_executemany, and pysqlite_connection_executescript accept a third "PyObject *kwargs".  However none of these functions are marked METH_KEYWORD.  This only works because the kwargs parameter is actually ignored--the functions only support positional-only arguments.  Obviously the "PyObject *kwargs" parameters should be removed for these three functions.

A slightly more advanced problem: pysqlite_connection_call, which implements sqlite3.Connection.__call__(), ignores its kwargs parameter completely.  If it doesn't accept keyword parameters it should at least complain if any are passed in.

Georg: you want this fixed in 3.3?  3.2?
Benjamin: you want this fixed in 2.7?
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