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Date 2014-01-15.18:59:40
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Unfortunately I have discovered that there is significant difference between uint_converter in Modules/zlibmodule.c and proposed _PyLong_UnsignedInt_Converter. And there are tests in Lib/test/ which fail when _PyLong_UnsignedInt_Converter is used instead of uint_converter. uint_converter raises ValueError for negative integers, and _PyLong_UnsignedInt_Converter raises OverflowError.

Possible solutions:

1. Change tests. I don't like this, ValueError looks reasonable for these cases.

2. Continue to use uint_converter in Modules/zlibmodule.c. Then new converters become less useful.

3. Raise ValueError in new converters for negative integers. ValueError looks reasonable in many cases.

4. Raise ValueError in PyLong_AsUnsignedLong etc for negative integers.

Here is a patch which incorporates Larry's suggestions and implements option #3.
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