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Date 2014-01-04.07:10:23
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For the record, normal start-up happens like this (simplified):

1. prep for and create/initialize interpreter
2. exec the site module in the __main__ namespace (unless -S)
3. do the interface-specific stuff

Note: exec of the site module does not impact the spec.

In the case where -i/PYTHONINSPECT is issued (or implied):

1. ...
2. ...
3. exec the PYTHONSTARTUP script (if set and it exists)
4. do the interface-specific stuff
5. start the REPL

Note: the -i case does not impact the spec, nor does the exec of any PYTHONSTARTUP script.


[2] Python/pythonrun.c
[3] Modules/main.c
[4] PEP 432
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