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On 26.12.2013 21:19, Serhiy Storchaka wrote:
> Here is updated patch. It doesn't include any additions to locale alias table (including devanagari). Added several tests cases (many other test cases for removed aliases already exist). optimize() is called only once, looks as second run has no effect until UTF-8 aliases are enabled.

Looks good. Could you add a test for the optimization function ?

It should make sure that a complete set of now removed locale
names are properly optimized away, e.g.

     'nl_nl':                                'nl_NL.ISO8859-1',
-    'nl_nl.88591':                          'nl_NL.ISO8859-1',
-    'nl_nl.iso88591':                       'nl_NL.ISO8859-1',
-    'nl_nl.iso885915':                      'nl_NL.ISO8859-15',
-    'nl_nl.iso885915@euro':                 'nl_NL.ISO8859-15',
-    'nl_nl.utf8@euro':                      'nl_NL.UTF-8',
-    'nl_nl@euro':                           'nl_NL.ISO8859-15',


     'ja_jp':                                'ja_JP.eucJP',
-    'ja_jp.ajec':                           'ja_JP.eucJP',
     'ja_jp.euc':                            'ja_JP.eucJP',
-    'ja_jp.eucjp':                          'ja_JP.eucJP',
-    'ja_jp.iso-2022-jp':                    'ja_JP.JIS7',
-    'ja_jp.iso2022jp':                      'ja_JP.JIS7',
-    'ja_jp.jis':                            'ja_JP.JIS7',
-    'ja_jp.jis7':                           'ja_JP.JIS7',
     'ja_jp.mscode':                         'ja_JP.SJIS',
     'ja_jp.pck':                            'ja_JP.SJIS',
-    'ja_jp.sjis':                           'ja_JP.SJIS',
-    'ja_jp.ujis':                           'ja_JP.eucJP',

This should then cover all the Latin-1 encodings and also
an Asian one.

Marc-Andre Lemburg
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