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Date 2013-12-18.15:59:24
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In most cases when str object required, unicode object is allowed too. "s" and "z" codes (with modifiers) in PyArg_Parse*() accept both str and unicode instances. But "c" code accepts only 1-character str, not unicode. This makes harder writing version-agnostic code with imported unicode_literals (2.7 functions require bytes literals, 3.x functions require unicode literals) and breaks pickle compatibility (see issue13566).

This change will affect:

* str.ljust(), str.rjust() and;
* '%c' % char;
* mmap.write_byte();
* array constructor and item setter for 'c' type;
* datetime.isoformat();
* bsddb.set_re_delim() and bsddb.set_re_pad();
* msvcrt.putch() and msvcrt.ungetch();
* swi.block.padstring().
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