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Date 2013-12-14.20:38:03
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You didn't do anything wrong. You were running 3.3.3 which is the latest release of 3.3.  Portage is Gentoo's thing, you'd have to ask the gentoo python portage ebuild maintainer and point them at the commit with the additional patch to apply if you want it fixed there.  (or file a bug on gentoo's bug tracking system and point it at this one)

In general gentoo is one of the more up to date distros (compared to everything else) but it is always helpful to try checking out and compiling the latest source tree from as described in (on the 3.3 branch in your case) when reporting an issue.

I just happened to have noticed this problem myself and fixed it without bothering to file an issue about it a few weeks before you ran into it. :)
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