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Looking at the glib code, this looks like the SO post is closer to the truth.  The API documentation for g_filename_to_utf8() is over-simplified to the point of confusion.  This section of the glib API document is closer to what the code is doing:

* When encoding matters, glib and gtk functions will assume that char*'s that you pass to them point to strings which are encoded in utf-8.
* When char* are not utf8 you are responsible for converting them to utf8 to be used by the glib functions (if encoding matters).
* glib provides g_filename_to_utf8() for the special case of transforming filenames into the encoding that glib expects.  (Presumably because glib and gtk deal with non-utf8 unicode filenames more often than the equivalent environment variables, command line switches, etc).
* Contrary to the API docs for g_filename_to_utf8(), g_filename_to_utf8() will simply return a copy of the byte string it was passed unless G_FILENAME_ENCODING or G_BROKEN_FILENAMES is set.  If those are set, then the value of G_FILENAME_ENCODING might be used to attempt to decode the filename or the encoding specified in the user's locale might be used.

@haypo, I'm pretty sure from reading the code for g_get_filename_charsets() that you have the conditionals reversed.  What I'm seeing is:

    charset = the first charset listed in G_FILENAME_ENCODING
    if charset == '@locale':
        charset = charset of user's locale
    charset = charset of user's locale
    charset = 'UTF-8'
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