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@HCT, see for what's "semantically wrong".  Ints are not arrays - slicing is unnatural.

The point about error checking is that if this were supported via slicing notation, then the _helpful_ exceptions of the form, e.g.,

    TypeError: 'int' object has no attribute '__getitem__'

would no longer occur for code like


where `myarray` is mistakenly bound to an integer.  We always lose something when assigning a meaning to an operation that formerly raised an exception.


> calling a function is way more expensive than doing
> bit shift and/or AND operation

read the very first message in this issue.  There is no upper bound on how expensive bit shifts and logical operations can be on Python integers:  they can take time proportional to the number of bits.  But a function to extract a bit can be written internally to require small constant time, independent of the number of bits in the integer.  At least that's true for CPython ints >= 0; it may well take longer for negative CPython ints in some cases.

If speed on small ints is your primary concern, by all means continue to fiddle the bits by hand ;-)
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