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On 09.12.2013 11:19, STINNER Victor wrote:
> STINNER Victor added the comment:
> Marc-Andre> AFAIK, Python 3 does work with ASCII data in the C locale, so I'm not sure whether this is a bug at all.
> What do you mean? Python uses the surrogateescape encoding since Python 3.1, undecodable bytes are stored as surrogate characters.
> Many bugs related to locales were fixed in Python 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4.
> There are remaining bugs?

I was referring to the original bug report on this ticket.

FWIW: I don't think you can expect Python to work without exceptions
if you use a C locale and write non-ASCII data to stdout. I also
don't think that the new ticket title is correct - or at least,
I fail to see which aspect of Python breaks with LANG=C :-)
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