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Deleted a bunch of code, and runpy now correctly sets both __file__ and __cached__ (runpy previously never set the latter properly).

You can also see the reason for my rant above in the form of runpy._fixed_find_spec. importlib.find_loader was always kind of useless in end user code that needed to handle arbitrary modules, you needed to use the pkgutil.get_loader wrapper instead. It would be nice if importlib.find_spec "just worked", instead of only working for top level modules. At the very least, it should fail noisily if a dotted name is passed in without specifying a path argument.

I may have argued in favour of the side effect free find_loader in the past, if I have, consider this me admitting I was wrong after wasting a bunch of time hunting down unexpected import errors in test_runpy after the initial conversion to using find_spec.

There's one final change needed to address the pickle-in-main compatibility issue: runpy has to alias the module under its real name as well as __main__. Once it does that, then using (when available) should ensure pickle does the right thing.
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