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Date 2013-12-03.21:52:17
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> STINNER Victor added the comment:
> Kristján> Only that issue #10517 mentions reasons to keep the old behavior, specifically (...)
> @Kristján: The behaviour of PyThread_set_key() discussed in this issue is unrelated to the pthread bug related to fork() fixed in #10517.
> When it comes to threads and fork, I trust neologix because he knows them better than me and he wrote "AFAICT, there's no link".

It's unrelated, but I don't know if changing the current semantics
could break some code, especially involving subinterpreters: that's
why i'd like to have it tested.

But the current behavior is *really* a pain: not having
PyThread_set_key(key, value)
assert(PyThread_get_key(key) == value)

sounds really wrong.
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