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Date 2013-12-02.12:23:00
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Many features and changes were not mentioned in What's New (especially added early). Here is main features which possible worth to mention:

abc:  The ABC class, the get_cache_token function.

aifc:  Any bytes-like objects are now accepted.

audioop:  Any bytes-like objects are now accepted.  Strings no more supported.

base64:  ascii85/base85 codecs.

bz2:  The 'x' mode.

codecs:  The cp1125 encoding.

collections:  New optional parameter in ChainMap.new_child().

dbm:  Support for the context management protocol.

dis:  Added the file parameter to many functions. Added the stack_effect() 

email:  The policy keyword argument was added in email.message.Message 
constructor. The replace keyword argument was added in the set_param() 
The EmailPolicy.content_manager attribute was added 

filecmp:  Added the clear_cache() function and the dircmp.DEFAULT_IGNORES 

functools:  total_ordering now supports the NotImplemented value.

gc:  Added the get_stats() function.

glob:  Added the escape() function.

gzip: The 'x' mode.

http:  HTTP 0.9-style "Simple Responses" are not supported. Added the explain 
argument in BaseHTTPRequestHandler.send_error(). Added the --bind option in 
the http.server module CLI.

ipaddress:  Added the IPv4Address.is_global attribute.

json:  Used ``(',', ': ')`` as default in dump() and dumps() if indent is not 
None. I.e. trailing spaces no more produced by default.

logging:  An instance of a subclass of RawConfigParser is now accepted as a 
value for fname in the fileConfig() function. The verify argument was added in 
the listen() function. The atTime parameter was added in 
TimedRotatingFileHandler constructor.  Added support of Unix domain sockets 
in SocketHandler and DatagramHandler.

lzma:  The 'x' mode.

multiprocessing:  Added following functions: get_all_start_methods(), 
get_context(), get_start_method(), and set_start_method(). set_executable() 
is now supported on Unix when the 'spawn' start method is used. Added the 
context parameter in Pool constructor.

operator:  Added the length_hint() function.

os.path:  samestat() now is supported on Windows.

os:  Add O_TMPFILE constant on Linux.

plistlib:  Added support for binary format. Added load(), loads(), dump(), and 
dumps() functions. Deprecated readPlist(), writePlist() readPlistFromBytes(), 
and writePlistToBytes() functions, the Data class.

select:  epoll() now supports the context management protocol. Added the 
close() and fileno() methods and the closed attribute in the devpoll class.

shelve:  Added context manager support.

shutil:  Added the SameFileError exception.

smtpd:  The map argument was added in SMTPServer constructor.

socket:  The CAN_BCM protocol was added. The AF_LINK family was added.

sqlite3:  Added support for URI.

subprocess: The input parameter was added in the check_output() function.

sunau:  Added support for 24-bit samples. Any bytes-like objects are now 

sys:  Added the getallocatedblocks() function. Added the __interactivehook__ 

tarfile:  Added command-line interface.

textwrap:  Added support for truncating.

threading:  Added the main_thread() function.

unittest:  Added the TestCase.assertLogs() method. The TestSuite no more held 
references to each TestCase after Modules that raise SkipTest 
on import are recorded as skips, not errors. Paths are sorted before being 
imported to ensure execution order for a given test suite is the same.

urllib:  Added the HTTPError.headers attribute. Added the Request.full_url 
attribute and the Request.remove_header() and Request.get_full_url() methods. 
Default Request.method may be indicated at the class level.

venv:  Added the ``with_pip`` parameter in EnvBuilder.

wave:  Any bytes-like objects are now accepted. Added support for unseekable 

xml.etree.elementtree:  Added support to output empty elements in short form.

zipfile:  ZIP64 extensions are enabled by default.

Other enhancements:le.

memoryview is now registered automatically with


The 'U' mode in open() for file objects, in the fileinput and zipfile modules. A couple of plistlib functions. The html argument of XMLParser() and the parser argument of iterparse() in the xml.etree.elementtree module.
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