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Date 2013-11-28.16:17:52
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2013/11/28 Antoine Pitrou <>:
> Calling it _PyThread_set_key_value is prone to confusion.
> Ideally we would fix PyThread_set_key_value's behaviour. Are there users of the function outside from CPython?

PyThread_set_key_value() is defined and used in CPython, and defined
in the cpyext module of PyPy.

I found two usages of the function:

PyThread_delete_key_value() is always called before
PyThread_set_key_value() (with the same key). So these projects would
not be impacted by the change. I guess that the key is deleted to
workaround the current limitation ("strange behaviour") of

I cannot find pygmainloop.c in the latest development version:

I searched for usage at:

It's hard to find usage of PyThread_set_key_value() before they are a
lot of copies of CPython in the search engines, and I don't know how
to filter.

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