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Date 2013-11-22.14:12:55
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Good point!

We need a purpose flag anyway in order to load the appropriate root CA certs. The purpose flag can be used for purpose-specific verify mode:

SERVER_AUTH = _ASN1Object('')
CLIENT_AUTH = _ASN1Object('')

    if isinstance(purpose, str):
        purpose = _ASN1Object.fromname(purpose)
    if verify_mode is None:
        if purpose == SERVER_AUTH:
            # authenticate a TLS web server (for client sockets). The default 
            # setting may change in the future.
            verify_mode = CERT_NONE
        elif purpose == CLIENT_AUTH:
            # authenticate a TLS web client (for server sockets). The default
            # setting is guaranteed to be stable and will never change.
            verify_mode = CERT_NONE
            # other (code signing, S/MIME, IPSEC, ...), default may change.
            verify_mode = CERT_NONE
    context.verify_mode = verify_mode
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