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Date 2013-11-22.11:24:15
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Nick: I've had a look at your second patch. A couple of notes:

 * I think you should add the flag to the constructor of the CodecInfo
   tuple subclass and then set this in the resp. codecs. The extra
   constructor class method looks too much like a hack and is
   not needed.

 * The comment in codecs.h should read:

   Checks the encoding against a list of codecs which do not
   implement a str<->bytes encoding before attempting the

   Please note that these APIs are internal and should not
   be used in Python C extensions.

Regarding Victor's suggestion to use a separate registry dict
for this: I'm definitely -1 on this.

The black listing is a very special case only used for the
.encode()/.decode() methods and otherwise doesn't have anything to do
with the codecs sub-system. It doesn't make sense to change the design
of the registry just to implement this one special case.
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