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Date 2013-11-21.01:36:20
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I see this as removing a restriction and a special-case from the
decorator syntax (noting, of course, that these were introduced

In terms of whether the new forms are improvements, my preference is to
leave this up to the judgement of the programmer, moderated of course by
their prevailing coding guide.

I would argue that this change does not force any additional complexity
on the programmer (who is free to take or leave it) or on the
interpreter (- the straightforwardness of the patch corroborates this.)

I would also argue that there are certainly cases where, in the midst of
some large codebase, the dotted_name restriction may seem a bit arbitrary.

This is likely true for:

class Foo:
    def bar(self, func):
        return func

    def baz(func):
        return func
    def quux():
        def dec(func):
            return func
        return dec

# invalid
def f(): pass

# valid
def f(): pass

# valid
def f(): pass

For completeness' sake, I have attached a patch with an additional unit
test and amended documentation.

Should we proceed with writing a PEP for Python 3.5?
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