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Date 2013-11-18.09:30:54
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I just tested on 3.4a0.

Observed the following changes: 

- subprocess_devnull now NEVER fails.
- subprocess_redirfile does not fail as often as before, but still fails.

I changed the number of tasks to 20 and increased max_workers to 5 to get subprocess_redirfile to fail at least one of twenty times every time I invoked the test script.

A typical result on 3.4 looks like this:

Platform: Windows-XP-5.1.2600-SP3

task_type                 #threads   result
subprocess_redirfile      5          3 errors
subprocess_redirfile      1          OK
subprocess_devnull        5          OK
subprocess_devnull        1          OK
subprocess_noredirect     5          OK
subprocess_noredirect     1          OK
nosubprocess              5          OK
nosubprocess              1          OK
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