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Thank you Serhiy for working on this. This patch solves the problem when all your input characters are encodable using system preferred encoding. But issue19625 persists. I still can't print something like 'Русский текст' in interactive mode.

Another problem is that output of interactive mode and running a module is different if source encoding is something other that system's default. For example:

(With current patch) in interactive mode:

>>> print 'آ'
>>> print u'آ'

But in when running same commands from a file with utf-8 encoding:


I know, you siad to use cp1256 encoding in my source file. But I really prefer to work with utf-8 than working with a codepage that is not fully compatible with my language and I believe many other programmers are the same as me (even if there is a codepage they can work with).

(cp1256 is only for Arabic, but (when a program does not support unicode) Microsoft uses it as a second option for some other similar languages like Urdu, Persian. But it does not include all the characters they need.)

IMO these two problems -- being a able to type any Unicode characters in interactive mode and getting the same output as running modules -- are more important than a mere representation problem in interactive mode. (and considering that I use utf-8 for my source files, both of them were solved by martin's patch. [Of course I'm not saying it's the solution, just that it worked better for me])
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