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Date 2013-10-31.04:29:10
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Okay, so for this case, what are the correct outputs for the cte and the message?

        from email.charset import Charset
        from email.message import Message

        cs = Charset('utf-8')
        cs.body_encoding = None # disable base64
        msg = Message()
        msg.set_payload('АБВ', cs)

        msg.as_string() ==>
           cte -> 7bit
           message -> АБВ or \\u0410\\u0411\\u0412 or \xd0\x90\xd0\x91\xd0\x92?

        msg.as_bytes() ==>
           cte -> 8bit
           message -> \\u0410\\u0411\\u0412 or \xd0\x90\xd0\x91\xd0\x92?
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