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Date 2013-10-30.09:55:06
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For #17134 I need a decent way to map OIDs to human readable strings and vice versa. OpenSSL has a couple of method for the task, e.g.

The patch implements three ways to lookup NID, SN, LN and OID: by OpenSSL's internal numeric id (NID), by OID or by name:

>>> ssl.txt2obj("MD5", name=True)
ASN1Object(nid=4, shortname='MD5', longname='md5', oid='1.2.840.113549.2.5')
>>> ssl.txt2obj("clientAuth", name=True)
ASN1Object(nid=130, shortname='clientAuth', longname='TLS Web Client Authentication', oid='')
>>> ssl.txt2obj("")
ASN1Object(nid=129, shortname='serverAuth', longname='TLS Web Server Authentication', oid='')
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