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Author John.Jefferies
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Date 2013-10-27.08:58:44
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Hello Tim,

The fact that it works on 64-bit Python obviously reduces the priority. 
I will make a point of choosing the 64-bit version in the future.

FWIW. I'm dubious about the problem being solely attributable to WOWs 
handling of junctions because my Python 3.2 (that doesn't have the 
problem) is also 32-bit. There must be something else, even if that 
something isn't going to be fixed.

Thankyou for spending time on this.


On 24/10/2013 09:35, Tim Golden wrote:
> Tim Golden added the comment:
> Just revisited this to see if I could close off. One thing occurred to me which should have come up before: this situation will be aggravated by WOW64 file redirection.
> If I run 64-bit Python on 64-bit Windows I can successfully stat links in %windir%\system32 under 3.4 and 3.3. If I run 32-bit Python on 64-bit Windows, I get the error you describe because Windows will silently redirect the 32-bit Python process towards %windir%\SysWow64 where the junction (or, possibly, its target) does not exist.
> Given that I'm able to stat %windir%\system32 junctions on both versions, I'm going to close this as works-for-me. I think there's a case for a bigger-picture look at the resolution of reparse points across the stdlib but that would have to be its own issue.
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