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Date 2013-10-20.23:01:36
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I took a quick look at the revised patch.  Clearly, it's too big to review at a detailed level.  I tried the approach of running two complete verbose regrtest runs (-m test -v -uall), before and after the patch, and diffing the results in a "smart" diff app.  Again, this is extremely tedious: while some simple filtering could be done to mask some differences (like elapsed times and time stamps), the non-deterministic output of many tests remains (and demonstrates how difficult it currently is to automatically compare regrtest run results).  I did a spot check of the results and didn't notice any glaring problems and *did* notice that some tests were now being reported as skipped, as expected.  Overall, I think this is a useful change to the test suite so I would say apply it to default (for 3.4.0) but I'm ambivalent about applying it to 3.3 at this point.
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