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Author David.Edelsohn
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Date 2013-10-19.18:17:25
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poll() vs select() does not make a difference. Using the default poll(), if I run python in GDB, test_process_interactive hangs in poll(). The top of the traceback looks like:

#0  0xd02389d4 in __fd_poll () from /usr/lib/libc.a(shr.o)
#1  0xd717e604 in poll (__listptr=0x2023e150, __nfds=1, __timeout=-1)
    at /usr/include/sys/poll.h:107
#2  0xd71800f8 in poll_poll (self=0x30696d10, args=0x304723b4)
    at /home/dje/src/cpython/Modules/selectmodule.c:543
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