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Date 2013-10-18.15:16:12
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The failure in is odd.  It's failing because loadTestsFromModule() is being passed a keyword arguemnt use_load_tests=False.

On the surface, the failure makes sense because if you look in, it's defining a lambda for loader.loadTestsFromModule that takes only one argument, the module name.

But the deeper question is why self.loadTestsFromModule() is being passed use_load_tests=False?  loadTestsFromModule() is documented to take *only* the module name:

But then if you look at, loadTestsFromModule does indeed take an undocumented use_load_tests keyword argument.

So it seems like there's two problems here.  use_load_tests is undocumented, and the lambda in should take that keyword argument.  Michael, can you weigh in on this?
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