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Author vajrasky
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Date 2013-10-14.10:42:15
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Hi, Senthil Kumaran, thank you for your review.

I have one small complain about your improved patch. Perhaps we need to give security warning when they want to use allow_dotted_names feature in the documentation. I omitted the warning in the demo because it is just a demo.

From the source code (Lib/xmlrpc/

            Enabling the allow_dotted_names options allows intruders
            to access your module's global variables and may allow
            intruders to execute arbitrary code on your machine.  Only
            use this option on a secure, closed network.

Whether we want to give a separate example without allow_dotted_names feature or using example without allow_dotted_names feature entirely, I am not really sure.

What do you say?
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