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This `argument_values` comes from `_get_values()`.  Most of the time is derived from the `argument_strings`.  But in a few cases it is set to `action.default`, specifically when the action is an optional postional with an empty `argument_strings`.

test_argparse.TestMutuallyExclusiveOptionalAndPositional is such a case.  `badger` is an optional positional in a mutually exclusive group.  As such it can be 'present' without really being there (tricky).  Positionals are always processed - otherwise it raises an error.

If this is the case, what we need is a more reliable way of knowing whether `_get_values()` is doing this, one that isn't fooled by this small int caching.

We could rewrite the `is not` test as:

    if not argument_strings and action.nargs in ['*','?'] and  argument_values is action.default:
        pass # _get_values() has set: argument_values=action.default

is a little better, but still feels like a kludge.  Having `_get_values` return a flag that says "I am actually returning action.default" would be clearer, but, I think, too big of a change.
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