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Date 2013-09-08.19:14:59
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Oscar, the solution proposed by Serhiy looks like a better choice.

I'm wary of increasing the API complexity of the itertools.  Right now, their learnability is aided by having simple signatures and no side-values.

The itertools are modeled on functional tools in other languages with mature APIs.  I look to those languages to provide an indication of whether proposed features are needed in practice.  AFAICT, there is no precedent for a takewhile-with-failed-value combo.

I appreciate your request (especially because it was accompanied by a use case) but am going to decline.  IMO, the module as a whole is better served by keeping the tools simple and clean. 

If an individual itertool doesn't have an exact fit to a particular use case, it may indicate that the programmer would be better served by a simple generator which can express the logic more cleanly than a tricked-out itertool with side-values.
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